Next Level Summer Sustainability

Hello July and hello sweet summertime! It’s the season of sunshine, garage sales, graduation parties, and farmers markets.

Less is more, especially in the summertime. And while I try to keep it cool and modest in the summer heat I’m always looking for ways to spend less, schedule less, and soak up the long summer days.

Goodwill has made this especially easy by taking their donations to the next level. Did you know that you can now reserve a mobile donation center?? MIND. BLOWN. Talk about next level decluttering friends. Check out the details HERE.

Goodwill also has some great sales to mark on your calendar this summer to save EVEN MORE!

This year Goodwill Akron’s Christmas in July sale runs from July 14th to the 20th and the TAX FREE HOLIDAY starts July 30th running through August 8th giving you ample opportunities to start holiday and school shopping ahead of the curve.

Some of my summer sustainability bucket list items are:

  • Host (or at least attend) a summer clothing swap with friends!
  • Thrift some cowgirl boots (this has been on my thrift wish list for a long time… patience is key)
  • Thrift any stylish maternity clothes I can as I’m now expecting baby #3 in the Fall and maternity clothes are EXPENSIVE.
  • Be on the lookout for summer outside toys for my kiddos 👀

I hope you have a fabulous start to your sustainable summer!

XOXO ~ Taylor