Summer Sweaters

With the unofficial start of summer in the rear view mirror, I don’t know about you but I have picnics, bonfires, 4th of July fireworks, and beach vacations on my mind!

Something I’ve been seeing a lot of the last couple years are summer sweaters- which honestly feels like an oxymoron but they have become really popular and are just a little more elevated than a high school track hoodie in the cooler summer evenings.

So what do we want in a summer sweater? We want that lived in, effortless, vintage Tommy Hilfiger mom model vibes. Anything patriotic, anything slightly oversized, anything crocheted, and anything THRIFTED 🙌🏼

Check out these secondhand sweaters I scored!

We love neutrals and we love fun bright summer colors 🫶🏼

Don’t forget to check ALL the sizes and the MENS section to make sure you don’t miss a gem 💎

Happy summer sweater shopping friends!

XOXO ~ Taylor