Summit For Kids 2018: Back-to-School Fashion with Goodwill

Kids these days don’t need labels to define their style. Which is why over the weekend Goodwill hosted a fashion show during the 9th Annual Summit for Kids in downtown Akron! Each of our models from pre-K to 10th grade chose an outfit that expressed their own style and creativity!

Pre-K Group

First up are Travis, Tyree and Takarra. Travis & Tyree are both ready for a day of exploring and look adorable. Travis prefers a button down shirt and shorts, while Tyree likes the comfort of jeans and a hoodie. Takarra likes to dress up and looks delightful in her gray and pink accented dress.

Next in our pre-k group we have Taylor, CJ and Derrik. Taylor looks gorgeous and has thought about every detail from her velvet dress, to her silver sparkly shoes and accented purse. While CJ likes to be on the move so he chose a shirt with his favorite character – Micky Mouse with jeans and a button down shirt. Derrik prefers a dressier look with a button down shirt and khakis.

Last in our pre-k group are siblings Andre and Sa’Rahbi! Andre is ready for a day of play with his comfortable plaid shirt matched with a graphic tee and jeans. Sa’Rahbi is looking pretty in pink with her pink long-sleeve shirt paired with a denim vest with a pink lace trim and pink pants!

1st Grade Group

This group is already developing their sense of style and are sure to make the hallway at school their runway this year! 1st up are Enjoli and Tyler. Enjoli looks glamorous in this purple dress and sparkly shoes. While Tyler looks dapper sporting a jacket, button down shirt and a hat that just completes his look.

Next in our 1st grade group we have Damone and Aubrey! Damone  looks handsome in his button down shirt and khakis. Aubrey looks marvelous in her colorful patterned tank top and denim shorts.

2nd Grade Group

Jessica is all about style and comfort! She looks lovely in her button up dress and denim jacket.

4th Grade Group

Next we have Anna Marie, Odie and Samarah headed off to 4th grade and looking great. Anna Marie and Odie both chose outfits that share a little about their hobbies while Samarah preferred a formal look. Anna Marie found these Justice jeans and paired it with a Dance is a sport t-shirt. Odie is ready for gaming in this Pokémon t-shirt and jeans. While Samarah is ready to strut down the red carpet in her classy patterned dress.

5th Grade Group

First is Lilly and Abby. Lilly likes color and looks amazing in her striped top paired with colored jeans and matching purse! Abby prefers dresses and looks dazzling in this white lace dress paired with a cardigan.

Following is Syeir and Dylan. Syeir  likes a classic suave look in a polo and khakis. Dylan is sporting an athletic jersey and athletic pants.

Next is Jocelyn, Reagan and Dominique. These ladies all chose casual chic looks. Jocelyn’s favorite was this purple Justice t-shirt that perfectly picks up the purple flowers in her pants. While both Reagan and Dominique preferred Justice jeans and trendy striped t-shirts.

6th Grade Group

First we have Destini and Kingston both looking sharp. Destini is a cheerleader and found this white shirt and pink pants that could take her from the classroom to practice. Kingston wanted to show his sense of style in this gray vest, button down shirt paired with jeans.

Next we have Maya and Jaelyn, both showing their preference for a laid back, down-to-earth style. Jaelyn chose a cool polo and jeans, while Maya chose Hollister jeans and a cozy unicorn shirt.

7th Grade Group

It’s time to meet our 7th graders – Andreia and Serenity! Both choosing outfits that will make their classrooms sparkle and shine. Serenity is wearing purple bejeweled jeans to show a pop of color with her black top. While Andreia  preferred a gold butterfly shirt with gray jeans.

9th Grade Group


Angel Mae looks fantastic and ready for fun in her Mickey Mouse Jersey and Hollister jeans!

10th Grade Group

Last, but certainly not least is Shaikira, who is going into 10th grade. She looks stunning in her gray and black patterned dress paired with a cropped cardigan.

All of our models have their own extraordinary sense of style. We thank them all for helping us share the great variety and value of back-to-school styles found at Goodwill. We hope everyone has a great school year!