Three Ways to Keep Your Kids Looking Cool While Staying Warm

Flipping on the furnace is a clear indicator that winter weather is well underway.

We can’t complain, though, with temperatures reaching around 60 degrees in November, right?

Now that we’re through November and holiday cheer is everywhere, let’s talk accessories! Those fun final touches of patterns, textures & pops of color that can make any kid’s coat or outfit feel complete!



I’m going to cut right to the chase… the Goodwill has so many scarves it’s literally hard to pick just one…or two!

I found this cool striped scarf and paired it with a denim jacket (because we know how much boys begrudgingly where coats ;).

It’s a win-win… your boy can make you happy by keeping warm while he still feels cool giving off that casual vibe.




Many young girls find accessories essential. Heck, many women do too (as I point to myself)!

I stumbled upon this darling girls scarf & put it with this equally darling pink sweater. There’s so much cuteness here, it would make any girl feel sassy heading out for the day!

And with scarves priced at only $1.48 each, it feels more like a steal than a bargain!





While sifting through the array of accessories at Twinsburg Goodwill, I found this great boys North Face beanie for only $1.48! With its neutral color & nice fitted style, it can be worn with any style coat or a nice sweater pullover like this one here.





Adding to the boys look, I found a great new pair of boys’ treaded shoes — that’s right, new!

These cool kicks were priced at only $5.99. Now that can give any parent happy feet!




Below, check out these sparkling fabulous girls boots for only $3.




They’re everything girls like — they’re cute, they sparkle & any pair of leggings or skinny jeans can tuck nicely inside them.

I paired them with this soft chenille scarf since the red coordinates nicely against the black.

As winter weather gets underway, keep your eyes peeled for cozy accessories like the ones I sought out at the Goodwill to keep your little ones warm and stylish!

We have a long winter ahead, so remember… keep it cute, keep it warm and it keep thrifty!