Thrifty Hutch Decorating

I bought this hutch secondhand a few years ago and painted it white using Annie Sloan chalk paint. (Click here for the tutorial.)




We have very few shelves in our house so this is one of the only places where I can put things on display.  Given that my style and tastes change every season, I like to fill it with thrifted finds that can be inexpensively swapped out on a whim. Here’s how it looked a few summers ago, then over Christmas, and finally how it looks now.




The current vibe I’m feeling is clean, simple and a little bit modern. I chose white as my primary color then layered in secondary colors of copper and turquoise.




Having an idea of my style and color palette helped me tremendously when searching Goodwill and other thrift stores for items to buy.

White décor items are an easy place to start because they’re neutral, and they tend to be plentiful.  Here I collected different white bowls and cups and simply stacked them together on top of a book.




Books are an easy and inexpensive way to pull secondary colors into your shelves. I like to remove the book jacket to expose the colorful spine and I was lucky enough to even find gold lettering on the edge of this Reader’s Digest Condensed book!

Here I paired together a plate, a mini wooden bowl and a picture frame. The plate was only $1 at Goodwill Northfield and the wooden bowl just 33 cents at Goodwill Twinsburg. Pairing things in sets of three is always a good rule of thumb, especially when they are different heights of tall, medium and short.  Kinda like my kids 😉




Here is one of my favorite vignettes in the hutch. This copper cup was found as part of a set at Goodwill Waterloo prior to a Thrift Night Out class that I was participating in. During the class I showed the copper cup set and asked if anyone knew what it was. You won’t believe this but a woman in the class said “those are Moscow Mule mugs…I donated them the other day!” Rarely do you get the chance to meet the person whose donated item you just bought!




I filled the Moscow mule mug with an aloe vera plant and stacked it on top of some more turquoise Reader’s Digest books. The white vase next to it was recently purchased at Goodwill Streetsboro for $2.

Here’s another set of bowls and this time I paired them with a very modern piece of artwork created by none other than my 4 year old! The frame was thrifted from Goodwill Twinsburg for $3 and painted white.




Next is my collection of thrifted white and gold teacups. The copper shelf came as part of the Moscow mule set I mentioned earlier.




I mentioned these boxes in my blog post from last month, Declutter First, Organize Second, but here they are again. Our kitchen table doubles as a desk, so to keep it clear of miscellaneous papers we use these thrifted Ikea boxes inside the hutch.




And lastly, the top of the hutch contains more of my favorite thrifty finds. The large, white milk glass cake stand was a huge score from Goodwill Northfield. Read more about it here.




This white Threshold (Target) thumbprint vase was only $2.99 at Goodwill Akron. The other items (aside from the small crimped cake stand) were collected from thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales.





Filling the entire hutch didn’t happen over one weekend. In fact, I’ve had some of this stuff for a few years, but if you shop with a specific plan in mind, you could very well find most of these items in just a few visits to Goodwill.




Happy Thrifting!


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