Time to Make a Scene of Halloween

I recently was talking to a neighbor of mine and she mentioned how she and her husband have friends who throw the biggest most over-the-top Halloween party year after year! I thought how fun would it be to attend an adult only Halloween bash?

It’s been years since I’ve been to a Halloween party and ironically enough, Halloween is my favorite holiday.

I’ve considered hosting one, but we have our child’s birthday in October, which is where I put all my creative juices and energy — understandably so, right?

So for now, I will guide those who have parties to attend (like my neighbor) to your local
Goodwill. Not only to get inspired by costumes available right off the rack, but to cleverly put ideas together to have the most original costume at any upcoming Halloween event!

I loved checking out the latest merchandise at my local Goodwill store.
I seriously could’ve put costumes together all afternoon — the ideas are truly limitless!

Let me start with the guys this time…

Check out my “gangster” find! When I saw this pinstripe suit I seriously shouted, “Awesome!”

I picked out the whitest dress shirt I could find and paired it with a snazzy (I’m talking gangster here, so I can say snazzy;) dotted necktie.

I added a black velvet fedora and winged-tip shoes for some serious flair!

You can add a silk handkerchief in the breast pocket for a truly authentic-looking gangster suit or maybe even a cigar to take it up just one more notch. You could also pick up some Halloween makeup at the front of the store to draw in that dashing, yet intimidating gangster mustache! See what I mean? Endless ideas! You can take an idea and continue to layer upon it — one accessory at a time.

My next costume is Professor Green from the popular board game, turned movie, Clue.

Dress pants, conservative sportcoat and a preppy dress shirt can make this costume look
curious and suspicious at the same time!

The penny loafers are a must have with this costume! You could even cruise the handbag
section of the store and search for a briefcase and pick up a pipe if there’s one available. It would all come together just perfect! Oh, and don’t forget the candlestick!;)

For the ladies, I have put together two fun ideas — The Joker (my kid’s idea;) and a feminine and feisty pirate.

When you think of The Joker from the comic / movie, Batman, you think dark and maniacal jokester. The dark side is obviously reflected in black clothing. Whereas the joker side is reflected by pops of color, such as green and purple.

I love the contrast of patterns, textures and colors with this fun costume. I threw in a wild pair of patched heels and my Joker was ready for tricks rather than treats!

For my feisty female pirate, I started with this darling black and white striped dress and added accessories such as a wide sized belt, gold platform heels — every pirate needs gold — and a festive pirate hat! The black velvet bolero is a great cover up which also adds to the authentic look. Aiy matey’s!!

This Halloween season think outside the box. Even go over the top! Have fun with laying
clothing, accessorizing and playing up what you choose to be! Take your idea and keep adding to it…it’s fun, especially for parties!

Whatever you do, have a spooktacular time!

Happy Halloween!

-Monica Z.