Tips to Help Kids Organize Their Room

By now, it’s likely that kids have settled into their school routine. However, with projects, homework/handouts, extracurricular activities/clubs and exams, things can easily fall out of balance. Suddenly there’s crumpled papers on the floor and desk, toys left out and it may look like their closet had a volcanic eruption!  It can be overwhelming for everyone.

Yes it is important for kids to express themselves and to feel cozy and comfortable in their rooms. It is also important that as the parent or caregiver, you set limits and boundaries on how a room is kept. So before yelling “CLEAN YOUR ROOM!”- think about investing a bit more time to set your kid up for long-term success with these five ideas.

  1. Ask your kid to tell you about their room. 
    a. What they like.
    b. What they don’t like.
    c. What, if anything, they would like to change? (Does it fit their age now?)
    d. What does a clean room mean to them?
  2. Share the usefulness of being organized.
    a. Find what you need when you need it.
    b. Establish homes for things.
    c. Feel less stressed.
  3. Reflect with your child.
    a. What did they used to own?
    b. What do they like now?
    c. How might they grow and change?
    d. Do they have a new interest this week?
  4. Talk about how things continually come into the house.
    a. Gifts for birthdays and holidays perhaps.
    b. Groceries, supplies, freebies, things from other people.
    c. Suggest that we, as a family, donate items to people who are not as fortunate.
  5. Get into action.
    a. Play a game. You pick a spot to straighten up and instruct your kid to clean one drawer/category. Whoever finishes first gets the other person to do something agreed upon for them.
    b. Pick a reward (screen time, whatever works for your kid) and require an area (shelf, drawer, category) to be done twice a week to earn a special reward.
    c. Try a new routine in the house. Examples: everyone works on an area 10 minutes a day or the duration of three songs.
    d. Create a task chart together (be as creative or basic as you choose).

With some time, effort and energy a room can be transformed!

This blog has excellent tips- Check it out!

Remember, most people do not find joy in cleaning and organizing. Unless you have a butler (I suggest that you do not play this role for your kids) we all have to do some daily maintenance in our homes and rooms in order to avoid being overrun with stuff! Also, being organized is not about living in a “perfect” house it is being able to find what we need when we need it. So relax, take the pressure off of aiming for perfect and do your best to instill a few organizing tips! And who knows, maybe they will rub off in the school department too!


Lynne Poulton, Wholly Organized!® LLC