Trending pieces to get you through December

Overall, this year has been pretty great! We’ve seen a beautiful Spring here in Ohio and we had a colorful Fall with little issues in weather. As we end November, it’s that time of year when the outdoors just looks a little dreary and gray. The Halloween decorations have been placed inside, and the exterior is left looking like our emotions: a little sad.

The good news is fashion must go on and you can still look and feel amazing indoors and I want to share some trending pieces that will make you embody confidence, style and warmth. You’re going to love the choices in your wardrobe for December and these pieces are easy to find and incorporate!

It may be cold outside but it’s warm in your style!

A Heavy, Warm Winter Coat

One thing you will definitely need this December if you live in the mid-west or experience a harsh winter is a really good warm coat! Think like the Eskimos think! Look for coats or parkas with “down” faux or real fur, proper lining and the longer the length, the better! Of course colors like black and gray can get you through this winter, but if you’re open to it, try to go outside your comfort zone and embrace colors like red, blue and even mustard as it will help with the Holiday blues. My favorite brands include Canada Goose, Sam Edelman & Eddie Bauer!

Thick Tights/Leggings

This is one of my favorite, most under-utilized fashion categories: tights and leggings. Your wardrobe can be so easily expanded with embracing skirts and dresses in the colder months. Leggings obviously fit very snug so they are ideal for pairing with almost any boot or bootie.

The only word of advice is getting to and from where you’re going because your legs could get a little cold– this is where embracing a thicker legging will be an excellent decision. Also, see my next trending item to assist with leggings in the winter!

Skirts and dresses with the proper tights/leggings really can elevate your look and immediately help you to embody professional and stylish.

Snow pants or comfy athletic pants

These will be a lifesaver to help you get through the cold this December. Just store these pants near your warm winter jacket and just put it on as your top layer to get you to and from where you’re off to!

Utilize these bottoms to cover up when you’re wearing the tights I mentioned above and keep your stylish legs warm and cozy.

These can be true snow pants or maybe reuse your husbands athletic pants!


An item that’s really in right now is Sherpa! Sherpa material is a soft, thick polyester fabric made to resemble sheepskin. The material feels like suede on one side and soft, fleecy wool on the other. One trend this year is wearing what seems to resemble the inside of the lining of a jackets. This includes this Sherpa layer along with the quilted lining. So, strip down your jackets and start wearing just the layers because that’s what is looking most chic right now.

Sweaters. Sweaters. Sweaters!

Sweaters are the focus of everything Winter. In this year are comfy sweaters in color-block style, cropped and cashmere. More luxurious, the better!

Sweaters are the focus of winter so anything you can add bulk to your to yourself just to stay warm.

Beautiful, Delicate Scarves

This year, I’m seeing a ton of different ways of wearing scarves. From various tactics to fashion a blanket scarf to beautiful scarves with added pockets, a good rule of thumb is quality. Scarves can either elevate or disintegrate your overall look so details are important here. Find scarves that have an intricate pattern, interesting colors and a pleasing textile. Do yourself a favor and research new ways of tying your existing scarf- you’ll be glad you did!


My top suggestions for gathering your Winter must-haves: online platforms, Poshmark, Nordstrom, your local consignment shoppes or your nearest Goodwill store! See nearest Goodwill locations here!


Julie Holiday