Trendy Items For Less

When my brother was in High School, he tore out a picture from GQ magazine of a multi-colored
knit sweater and handed to our mother, asking her for that same sweater for Christmas. The
only issue was, the trendy sweater was advertised at $300. She chuckled and took the picture
anyway and folded it up to place inside her purse.

Weeks later, Christmas morning arrived and my brother unwrapped one particular box from
underneath the tree. What to his wandering eyes would appear…the multi-colored sweater
delivered by Santa & his reindeer.;) Not only was it the same exact-looking sweater, but the torn
out page from the GQ magazine was situated right on top for proof!

Where did our mother find this prized possession, you might ask. A discount store! Yep! And guess where that sweater ended up after my brother grew out of the trend…Goodwill. 🙂

So you see, shopping at Goodwill can lead you right to that trendy, must-have item you’ve
been looking for…and for a lot less!

It’s so fun when new trends emerge from runways to fashion magazines to retail stores. If we
see something we like, we want it! And how fashionable do we feel if we’re in the forefront of the
latest trends? Pretty sassy, right? But hot new looks and accessories in the latest colors and
styles can get overwhelmingly expensive. If we look good, we feel good, but no one likes buyer’s remorse…even if it does make us look like the hottest woman or guy around.

Trendy items are only meant to live temporarily in the fashion world (until they come around
again 20 years later). So to spend top dollar on a short-lived fashion item seems a bit ridiculous
because Goodwill is loaded with trendy items that have been generously donated and even
better, they’re offered at a much more affordable cost.

I put together this darling outfit for ladies…
neutral wing-sleeved top with black polka does and black tailored pants. The red platform
stilettos rimmed with cheetah print were an absolute must for this cute and trendy catch!

For guys, I went for a casual look. I loved this washed-out red cotton shirt, which paired
perfectly with dark distressed jeans. To complete this cool and casual pair, I’d suggest seeking
out some cool Pumas or Adidas Gazelles. It makes a fashionable statement without seeming
overly trendy.

So whether you’re looking to the latest fashion trend or a past trend that’s having a resurgence,
come check out your local Goodwill store to see if you can save yourself a few extra dollars.
And don’t forget, when you’re tired of any clothing item (household or toy item as well),
Goodwill’s Donation Center is always eager to accept new donations.

Stay cool and trendy by shopping for your must-haves at Goodwill.

Happy Shopping!

~Monica Z.