Valentine’s Day Finds

graphic2If you’re anything like me, you have some type of “preselected” Valentine’s Day item that you wear year after year.  For me it’s a good old red cardigan.  I swear I probably would have donated the cardigan years ago if it weren’t for February 14.

So with that being said I’ve tried to think outside the box this February and find more feminine styles, which doesn’t necessarily mean pink and red. Here are some of my Valentine’s Day finds.

This blouse is the perfect alternative for a gal who isn’t crazy about pink. The floral embroidery adds just a touch of romance, and it can easily be paired with jeans or a skirt.













I also snatched up some smaller fun accent pieces that made me happy. Red sunglasses, a huge floral tote bag, a red winter hat (which I have been wearing nonstop), and some super awesome floral leggings!













Lastly (and certainly not least!), my favorite find was this vintage hot pink and army green cardigan!  Aghh.. I just love finding unique vintage pieces like this one. Don’t be surprised if you see me wearing this one more than once a week.













This is such a fun time to try out new items you might not typically wear. So even if it’s rocking a bright pink headband or trying some bright red lipstick, have fun and enjoy!

Have a splendid Valentine’s Day!

Lauren Ward