Vanity Makeover

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Today’s project that I’m going to show you was actually a custom order that I did. I had a couple contact me in search of a finished vanity and chair. At the time I didn’t have a finished set but I did have an unfinished set that I had not got a chance to paint yet. They mentioned that they have been looking for a while and just were not finding the style and color that they were wanting. I decided to send them a picture of what I had and told them if that is the style they wanted they could pick the color out and that I could do it as a custom order for them.

Here is the picture I sent:

Yeah, it was a little beat up but I see total potential for cute to come from this set. They were having a hard time getting past the lack of mirrors, dark old wood and crushed velvet chair material. That’s when I remembered that not everyone can see past the ugly stuff that really is fixable. So I priced all the materials that I would need to finish the project (paint, material, mirror, casters, etc.) and gave them the quote.

They were still a little hesitant but after many (many) pictures of my past furniture transformations they were in!

So, the projects began.

I wanted to get the part of the project that I needed to order out of the way so the first thing I did was order the mirror. I ended up tracing the mirror frame onto cardboard and giving that to the shop to use for measurement. It was easier to do it this way because of the curved side mirrors. I then ordered the old fashioned wood caster wheels online. I usually shop around trying to find this kind of item but since I had more of a time limit on this project I just went ahead and ordered them.

With all of that taken care of, I was able to start working on the actual piece of furniture.

After taking everything apart I spray painted the hardware oil rubbed bronze.

Then the sanding began. Because the wood was pretty beat up it did take a lot of sanding for this to feel smoothed out. I started with a 100 grit paper and then smoothed it with a 400 grit paper.

I then painted it the with 2 coats of cream paint and applied 2 coats of clear matte topcoat once it was dry.

Onto the chair. The chair wasn’t in as bad of shape so the sanding was pretty easy. I then painted it to match the vanity and recovered the chair cushion with a furry white material.

Once my mirror was finished and the caster wheels were delivered I put it all back together.

I know that the customers were kind of nervous about how this was going to turn out, so I was very happy to see them so excited about it when they came to pick it up.

They even sent a picture of it in it’s new home!

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