Vintage Bohemian Chic

The original Bohemian (Boho) Chic

(Photos of from the Goodwill Vintage Collection)

The late 1960s were a time of political and social change.  The conservative pillbox hats and structured suits of the Jackie Kennedy era were replaced by bright, bold ethnic-inspired prints and flowing silhouettes.  The “rules” of fashion were broken by a generation who chose to march to the beat of their own drummer.  The result was an eclectic Bohemian style with designs inspired from cultures all over the world.


(Pictures One & Two above)  India was a huge influence, particularly after the Beatles visited in 1968.  Paisley is originally an Eastern Indian design motif.  This wild late 60s/early 70s jumpsuit typifies the era with a large-scale, brightly colored design.

(Pictures Three & Four)  The print on this dress skirt is inspired by a traditional Indian sari, both in motif and placement of the pattern.  The coordinating border print and the use of metallic thread are both common sari design elements.

(Picture Five) The tunic style top was inspired by the traditional clothing of India and Africa.  Some of the global influences that became popular in America in the late 1960s built the foundation of “Boho Chic” and continue to look fresh and modern even after 40 years.

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