Woven Tray Turned Picture Frame



My decorating style changes from year to year, month to month and week to week. One second I’m painting all my wood furniture in bright colors, the next I’m wanting all my furniture back to natural wood.

The last few years I was all about bright pops of color, boldly painted furniture, and retro-inspired accessories. But my decorating pendulum is swinging back a bit.  I’m craving subdued neutral colors and natural textures like wood grain, rope, canvas, linen, burlap, copper, brick, and natural greenery.

I’m slowly refreshing areas of our house to bring in more of these natural elements and I’m currently working on our bedroom.

Having a clear vision of what look/feel I’m going for has made it easy pick up inexpensive accessories at Goodwill to decorate shelves and dresser tops.

On a recent trip to Goodwill Northfield I was able to pick up this wooden lamp base ($7.99) and this circular woven tray ($.80).



I turned the tray into a picture frame (details below) and paired it and the lamp with some thrifted books and dishes to create this simple display in my new, neutral design palette.







To make this easy picture frame, follow the steps below:




1: Measure the indented circle on the tray. Mine was about 8.5”.

2 (optional): Bring your photo into a design software (I used InDesign) and place it on an 11×17 sized document (this is the size paper that the print shop would be printing it on). Add an 8.1” circle on top of the photo to serve as a cutting guide. I made it slightly smaller than 8.5” so that I had some wiggle room when placing the final photo into the indent. Export file to PDF and send to the local printer.

3: Cut photo into circle.

4: Affix photo to tray. I used masking tape as to not damage the tray, but you could also use glue.

5: Hook a paperclip through the weavings on the back (or you could use Command strips), and hang.


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