#12MonthsofThrifting: Striped Shirt Recap


We’re wrapping up the second month of the #12MonthsofThriftingChallenge. This challenge is designed to help you build a thrifted wardrobe,  piece-by-piece over the upcoming year. Each prompt represents a staple  item you can wear for seasons to come. In January, we set out to thrift a
cozy sweater from Goodwill Akron. In February, I shared my favorite tips to thrift a striped shirt. I encourage you to submit your photos throughout the course of the month using the tag #12MonthsofThrifting. We love to hear your techniques and thrifty tips.

Here’s how you all wore your stripes!

Erin paired her striped tee with a midi skirt for a timeless and classic look.


A photo posted by Erin (@erinicole13) on


Love how Abby layered her thrifted tee with a blazer and coat.



A photo posted by Abby R (@bottesdeleanor) on



@Thriftyteacher wore her stripes many different ways. Two of these tops were only $8 a piece. Her best advice for thrifting stripes? Try them on! “There are so many widths, colors, and styles of stripes that look different on everyone.” I totally agree, not all stripes are created equal so take a moment to play around with styles to see which one is best for you.



A photo posted by K_Becker (@thriftyteacher) on



Leah’s find is very versatile. This is one she can certainly dress up or down.



A photo posted by LeahLW (@thriftshopchic) on



Although not a tee, Jenny’s jacket striped jacket was $3! When it comes to thrifting stripes, she likes to look for pieces with a little something extra like pockets, variety in stripe shapes, and cuts.



Thanks to everyone who submitted photos. Stay tuned for style and thrift tips for March’s black or navy blazer prompt.


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