4 Of Summer’s Best Looks For Way Less

Summer contains some of the longest days of the year.

During summertime, the pools are open later and children get to play outdoors longer —
catching fireflies and riding their bikes and adults get to hang out with friends and neighbors
talking about vacations or upcoming home project plans.

Whatever the first day of summer brings, there’s no question it comes with wearing the coolest
(and I mean that both literally and figuratively) and comfortable attire.
Sandals, tank tops, shorts, skirts and sundresses are all we need to feel well-suited for hot
summer days. Not to mention, some of the hottest spring days that already hit through
northeastern Ohio!

One of the biggest factors I consider before spending money on seasonal attire is how long we
get to enjoy wearing that garment before having to pack it away for the following year.
Although many of us would love to experience the beauty of warmer climate year-round, it’s just
not available to those of us who live here.

I love shopping at the Goodwill this time of year because summer trends are abound. Men and
women can get shorts and shirts for just under $4. Dresses and sandals too!

Here are a few of my favorite finds this season:

I absolutely love this flowy summer outfit. Constructed of light airy fabrics, this skirt and top are
sure to get a lot of wear during the summer months. Style a pair of colorful wedge sandals and a
sun hat and it’s the perfect outfit to wear to a summer party or wedding shower. So fun and flirty!

For a more casual, on-the-go look, I found the prettiest denim skirt embroidered with a floral
appliqué. A neutral summer top and a pair of uniquely colored sandals makes this a truly fun
and fashionable outfit for summertime! Don’t forget a straw fedora to protect you from the sun’s

When I traveled into the men’s section, I nabbed these super-soft cargo shorts in black. They’re
made of polyester, which gives them a great feel and flow on the body for those hot and sticky
summer nights. I paired them with a soft, straight lined T-shirt in a gorgeous wine color. Perfect
combo for any day or evening summer event!

Oh, it’s been months since I used plaid (or at least it feels like it;), so I had to pick these great
pair of neutral plaid shorts with orange and blue plaid pattern (two colors I love together).

Goodwill has just about every color when it comes to colored short sleeved shirts, so I took
the orange color from the shorts and found a great shirt to match. Now, if matchy-matchy is not
your thing, I would suggest a simply black or navy tee instead.

Spend less time shopping from store to store and find your fill of summer’s best looking attire at
your local Goodwill this year and for a whole lot less.

There’s also plenty of summer accessories to pick from as well — sunglasses, hats, beach bags
and more. There’s an abundance of gently worn pieces (and some new) all priced remarkably

Stop into your local Goodwill soon and keep your extra cash for ice cream & summer smoothies.

Happy Shopping and Happy Summer!

~Monica Z.