Can’t Live Without It | The List of Items You Actually Need

Written by Julie Holiday

Hi, welcome to my blog! In my infrequent but always informative social media scrolling, I recently came across a YouTube Short that truly spoke to me. As I strive to minimize the items around me to focus on what I love and what sparks joy in my life, the video suggested a powerful shift in perspective. Instead of asking, “Do I need it?” start asking, “Can I live without it?” This question opened the gate for me to more easily let go of and donate items I no longer want or need, knowing that I can indeed live without them.

What this shift also did was deepen my appreciation for the things I do keep, because I know I “cannot live without them.” This realization inspired this month’s blog, focused on the Northfield Goodwill location. I wanted to hone in on the things I truly cannot live without, emphasizing the importance of not filling our lives with unnecessary items. Here are the items I’ve chosen to keep in my life because they genuinely matter to me.

Here are my tips:

  1. Bookworm

If you’re an avid reader or simply someone who values continuous learning and personal growth, like me, a visit to the Northfield Goodwill book department is a must. This location boasts one of the most impressive and diverse book selections in all of Akron, making it a treasure trove for book lovers. Whether you’re looking to dive into a new novel, expand your knowledge on a particular subject, or find inspirational reads to fuel your personal development, the Northfield Goodwill has something for you.


  1. Art

There’s something that comes alive in me when I see a photo or a piece of art that ignites happiness. Art is an absolute necessity for your home and life. It can lift your emotions and help create a space that you enjoy! One thing I love about Goodwill is their extensive selection of art in every location. It’s layers upon layers of unique pieces to explore. I’m always astonished by the variety, from custom paintings to retail finds and repurposed frames. The art department is truly a treasure trove. While we remove what we do not want from our home, may we never give up the art we love.


  1. A Great Bag

Need I say more? The essentials of a great bag are plenty of room, classic style, and durability. I’ve moved away from disposable purchases and now seek out beautiful, durable fabrics that last. I found a gorgeous handbag on this trip that doubles as a crossbody and can hold anything you need, even lunch! Although I didn’t buy it due to my current bag dilemma at home, I’m inspired for a lucky shopper. Because I did not end up snagging this one, I’m having some real buyer’s remorse!


  1. Gifts

The magic of shopping at thrift stores like Goodwill is the element of surprise. You might find something you’ve been seeking for years or discover something you didn’t know you needed. I found a shirt perfect for my gorgeous stepdaughter, Farin, for under four dollars—she’ll love it! One of the best things about secondhand shopping is finding items still in brand-new or gently used condition that can be regifted. I love creating a gift department at home, stocked with treasures collected throughout the year for birthdays and celebrations.


  1. Classic Denim

Whether it’s a great pair of jeans or a jean jacket, classic denim is a must. It’s not just because it goes with everything but also because it’s so durable. I can wear my jean jacket many times before washing it. Denim is reliable, always in style, and now with the denim-on-denim trend back, it’s even better. A well-fitting, classic piece is always essential in any wardrobe.

Visit the Northfield Goodwill today!

10333 Northfield Rd #6, Northfield, OH 44067

Happy Shopping and minimizing!