Celebrity Fashion For Less

Seems everyone wants to emulate celebrities and it’s probably always been that way, but with social media posts from the red carpet and live streaming videos, we want what the stars are wearing by the end of a televised broadcast!

I remember when Michael Jackson’s Beat It video first aired — people all over the globe wanted his red leather zipper jacket.

Or when Nirvana came to the forefront of the rock scene with their plaid flannels and torn-up jeans which soon became known as the grunge/rock scene.

Although the latter has been much easier for people to emulate, it still took some shopping around to find the look that copied our favorite celebrities’ style.

Last month, I talked about trends and fads and most of these hot celebrity styles that we want are just that — trends.

I remember my 10 year old self witnessing my best friend of the same age receive a “Beat It” jacket for her birthday. Her then single, working mother must have spent a small fortune on that jacket; working hard to be able to afford it.

These days, there’s so many more expenses we have, but the good news is that Goodwill is open for shopping 7 days a week. So to think about spending top dollar for a trendy item seems, well, unnecessary.

I started my journey shopping through the aisles, trying to find inspiration for my next post…then I came across this camouflage jacket. Now, if it was a year ago, I would’ve looked at this jacket and thought “deer hunter” but it turns out that’s not what popped into my head. When my eyes saw this oversized camo jacket, I immediately hought of Justin Timberlake — Super Bowl 2018 (We can thank fashion designer, Stella McCarthy for that one!).

So then my wheels started turning…
I was happy and excited to find other articles of clothing to accompany this stand-out jacket…but first I did a Google search for JT Super Bowl 2018 and continued on my celebrity look-alike journey.

I found a great t-shirt that had a similar huntsman style and went for the utility shorts, since it is officially Spring time, to pull it all together.

If you’re feeling really trendy, adding a handkerchief in any color would really bring a truer look-alike style to this outfit.


I then did a search for top female celebrities and came across a few pictures of pop star, Katy Perry. Her style is fun and feminine and she’s always pushing for a dramatic look by wearing a statement piece.

I decided to scan the aisles of women’s clothing to see what I can find that resembled her style best without going too over-the-top…

I immediately went to the dresses (located on the back right side of the store) and found this cute mini dress that had more potential than meets the eye. I knew I wanted to bring that Katy Perry pop of color, so what better than a wide belt in hot pink patent leather?!

I was then excited to skim through the ladies shoes to see what the Goodwill had that day. If there’s a fun and funky section of the store, it’s definitely in the shoe department. People donate the coolest, most unique shoes and I just happen to find the perfect studded pair to take this simple dress to a whole new celebrity look-alike level!


So, whether you’re looking for that one celebrity style or even just a similar dress or pair of shoes, make the Goodwill your first stop on your shopping extravaganza. You’ll be saving a lot of time running around and saving a lot of money too!

Have fun with it — Google a picture or screen capture a picture from social media and start your search for that certain look, style or trend you desire to have.

Happy Shopping!

Monica Z.