Coffee Table Makeover



I found this cute little coffee table at Goodwill the other day. It seemed too small to be used as a coffee table, but I loved the shape of it and thought it was a perfect size to make into an ottoman.

The first step was to get the materials to use. This project only really needed a few things:





I went with the 2 inch thick although there are several thicknesses to choose from.









I really liked faux leather but the choice is up to you.






I thought the nail head trim would look nice with the faux leather.

First you have to cut the material to fit the top of your coffee table. I find it easier to put the foam on the floor and flip over the coffee table on top of it and outline where to cut.

Then glue the foam to the top so it does not move while you are putting the material on it.

I use either tacky glue or a hot glue gun. The difference is only in the time. With a hot glue gun it attaches immediately. With tacky glue you have to wait a little bit for it to adhere to the top.




Next is attaching the material. Make sure and pull the material tight and then staple to the table edge. Also, make sure and leave material beyond where you staple in case you need to readjust it.




Once you have the material into place and stapled you can cut the excess material from the edge. Get as close to the staples as possible.




Time to add the trim!




I love this trim. It comes in a strip and has matching tacks with it. It has a hole in the strip that you hammer the tack into. Very easy to use.

And here is the finished product!




I put my feet up to try it out and I must say it was quite comfy!

Now, off I go hunting for my next project!


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