DIY: Chair Makeover


Hi all,

Not sure what the weather is in your area but we have cold and snowy going on at my house. I know people don’t understand my love of snow but I do love it! Some of my favorite childhood memories are my mom and I going shopping during snow storms. Me, her and the employees would sometimes be the only people in the store!

So, while out and about during a beautiful snowy day I came across this side chair. I have about 4 almost identical looking chairs to do over in my basement but for some reason this one seemed like it needed me to purchase it and clean it up.

So on with my chair project:

First off I sanded the wood sections of the chair. I used my orbital sander with 80 grit sandpaper because I wanted to take the shine off and make the wood a little course so the paint would stay on better. While doing this I noticed that the back caned section had a couple of holes in it. It’s hard to see in the picture but in person it was very visible. I originally was going to paint it but since that discovery I decided to add padding to cover it up.

Luckily, I still had this pad that went with an ottoman I had years and years ago. I knew one day this padding would come in handy for something. It was way to thick for this chair so I cut it down to a size that would fit.




At this point the chair is just getting uglier! Have faith,it’s going to start improving soon!


Next onto painting the wood sections. Finally, something to make it pretty!! I knew what fabric I wanted to use as soon as I seen the chair but I wasn’t sure on the paint. I decided with the material a distressed gray would look cute. So I painted the wood sections gray. After it dried I went over all of it with a 220 grit paper to smooth it out and distressed the edges.


Finally, the last step–material.
I love this material. It is the easiest material I have ever worked with and people really like it!.
I recovered the bottom and then I went over that beautiful (NOT) gold padding. And Wah-Lah, it is finally cute!!


Thank you for following!!!







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