DIY: Corner Bar Makeover



While out shopping my mom and I came across this cute corner cabinet. It was a nice solid wood but was missing the back and really needed updated. So of course my first thought was how cute would this be as a corner cabinet bar! I didn’t realize how heavy it was until they were loading it and had to get a third guy to come over and help.

The first thing I did, after cleaning it off, was buy a thin sheet of plywood for the back. I used wall paper bead board to cover it. I then painted it white, stained it and then top coated it.




Next thought was what to do with the sliding tape holders in the bottom section. At first I was going to remove them and add wine rack sections on each side of the shelves.  Then I thought, why not keep them and have sliding wine shelves. So I took them out and painted them. I then added wood strips to the side and the front to make it look more rustic.




Now, the easiest part, painting it. I decided to do it two tone with neutral colors. So I sanded and painted it. Once the paint was dry, I distressed and put an antiquing glaze on it. As usual once that was all dry I added the clear top coat and attached the back.




It still looked really plain and empty to me so I added a step shelf to the inside for alcohol, wine glass holders, and also put in a light. I actually found wood from a shelf I had bought at Goodwill about 2 years ago. This is why I never throw anything out, I usually find a use for it eventually! And it was a perfect fit, I just had to attach it and paint it to match the rest of the cabinet.




And now I feel it is complete!







I’m so glad I decided on keeping the tape holders on the sides because I love the pull out wine bottle shelves!






Well, there’s another project complete so now I’m off to start a new one! See you next month!




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