Fourth of July Fashion Recap

4thRecap1The fourth is always a forgotten favorite for me.  Every year it creeps right up and BOOM (your que to imagine fireworks) … it’s time to pull out the red white and blue!  I usually have an array of things to choose from, but I thought I would keep it simple this year and incorporate a few classics that I found from Goodwill.

I paired a simple grey long-sleeved GAP t-shirt, with a navy high-waisted skirt, and my candy apple red slip on shoes to add a dash of color!  All found at Goodwill on separate trips.  I really like this look because it didn’t feel overdone.  I can recall a few holidays past, I have over done it, and this year keeping my look clean and classic felt good.

Something I really treasure about shopping at Goodwill is that whenever I am in a pinch for an occasion….say the Fourth of July, I can always find something at 4thRecap2Goodwill fast and for dollars, and I am talking literally just a few dollars!  The outfit featured in this post was only $10.50 and I always make sure I have my 20% off coupon, which you receive every time you make a donation.  So actually this complete outfit was under $10!  Mixing Goodwill pieces with my existing wardrobe really puts a fun spin on my outfits.  I love it!

I hope everyone had a happy fourth, filled with lots of watermelon and sparklers!


Lauren Ward