Preparing for a Job Interview

Preparing for Job Interview: Calendar and PlanHere’s how I’ve approached a few interviews: “OK, I’m wearing a suit, so I’m already a little uncomfortable. Don’t know who I’m meeting, but I know he or she is going to hit me with a bunch of questions. I hope I figure out what to say. My plan is to walk in, sit down, try to sit up straight and let him/her lead me through the process. They will let me know when it’s over, which won’t be soon enough.”

Sound familiar?

If you want the job, here’s another way. Think about the interviewer. What is his or her task? What are they trying to accomplish in that 30 to 40 minutes? They want answers to a few questions: Are you qualified? Will you fit in? Do you really want this job? Will I be happy in the long run if I hire you?

Your approach should be to walk in there prepared to fully answer those questions, whether or not you are directly asked.

You should know the job description, and be prepared to talk about all the ways you match the needs. It’s that simple.

You need to know about the company and its needs, and be able to talk about how you match. You need to demonstrate professionalism and confidence from the time you take the initial phone call, when the interviewer first sees you in the lobby, through the interview, and during the follow-up phone call you’ll make. Preparation makes that possible.

You also need to show enthusiasm throughout the process. Hiring managers say that one of the biggest mistakes job seekers make in an interview is not showing a strong interest in doing the job.

If you’d like to discuss these ideas further, or if you’d like a hand preparing for an interview, contact me. I can arrange a one-on-one session or register you for an interviewing workshop.

Mick Rogers
Community Relations Representative