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I recently was presented with a new shopping experience from a website called reStitch. I’ve been thrifting since I was in high school, and have garnered quite a knack for it. I call it, my therapy. It’s relaxing to me, sifting through an arrangement of “who knows what you’ll find!” I love the thrill of the hunt and discovering pieces that are unique and in great condition. When you spot an item that fits your criteria and aesthetic – you know you’re on your way to a successful thrifting find! Better yet, when you check out your wallet isn’t overwhelmed, and the compliments you will recieve on your found treasure are always surprising! I love it. Better yet, and I enjoy informing my peers that it was $5, $10…whatever you spent, it certainly wasn’t an entire paycheck.

If you’re an experienced thrifter then this site will save you tons of time, and give you your thrifting fix from the comforts of your home. As an experienced thrifter, you know what brands fit you well, what certain fabrics feel like, and what fits work well for you. So….I say…order away! Sit down on the cozy couch with some tea and thrift on! If you’re not a thrifter, I would just want you to be aware that you are in fact ordering used items. They will not be brand-spanking new. If you are cool with that, then by all means, order items from this site and you will be SO pleased with all you find and how little you spend. Actually, reStitch is a GREAT way for the “non-thrifter” to begin thrifting. I highly recommend it!

Here is my overall experience. The site is very easy to navigate and I love that you can search by brand. If I know that GAP pants fit me well (which they do) I simply search for GAP items and viola…I find my size and done! If I’ve always wanted to try a pair of American Eagle jean shorts (which I do) but don’t necessarily want to pay retail price, I simply search for American Eagle, find my size, done and done! I like this way of shopping. Easy thrifting.

My intentions for this shopping trip on reStitch was workout clothes. I wear them a lot! I’m in the gym several times a week and its pretty much my uniform attire come the weekend. I get tired of wearing the same pieces all the time. And can we talk about how pricey workout clothes can be! When you want the good stuff – it’s pricey. When I do purchase an item from Nike, or Lululemon, I generally purchase black pieces because it will see me through any season. With reStitch, it gave me the opportunity to add some color to my workout wardrobe without spending retail prices….which I LOVE!

Here is everything I got for $60:



I will most certainly return to shopping with reStitch. The website is easy, and the quality of clothing I received was wonderful. The clothes were clean and I felt they had already been laundered. They were in great condition. I did have one top that was too big for me. But, no big deal. At only $8 I’m happy to give it to a friend and tell them about reStitch! My shipment went out next day and I received all my items in 4 days. I placed my order on a Monday and received all items by Thursday.

Happy online THRIFTING everyone!






Megan Dyer

The Style Counsel, LLC