Snag a Stylish, Functional and Warm Coat For Less



Although we’ve been enjoying an unusually mild winter in Northeast Ohio, investing in a good coat is an absolute must every season.  One of my favorite things to do is browse the coat section at Goodwill’s  Waterloo location. For $7 (or less, if I have a coupon or if there’s a discount), I can snag a stylish, functional and warm coat that will last for years. I took a peek at the latest winter runway fashions and used that as inspiration to pick out a few coats at Goodwill this winter. Keep these styles in mind to score a thrifted designer look for less.




Camo print: 

In addition to the Valentino’s pre-fall 2015 collection, camouflage print is everywhere this season. I always spot authentic military jackets at Goodwill. I found this one for $4 after discount. Camo jackets are more versatile than people realize. You can keep it simple with solid colors or even mix camo with prints like stripes and floral. A quick Pinterest or Google search will give you lots of ideas.




A statement coat: 

Considering most of what we see during the frigid winter months is our coats, our outer layer needs to make a statement! There’s no better way to do this than with a bold color. Don’t hesitate to wear bright summer hues either, a bright pink or even yellow coat are completely acceptable in the winter. Plus, who doesn’t like a little color on a cold, gloomy day? Vintage wool coats are built to last, so keep an eye out for unique styles and colors that you can make your own. This vintage top coat was only $5 after discounts at Goodwill.




A plaid coat: 

A timeless and reoccurring print, plaid is especially trendy this season, as evidenced by this Oscar de la Renta collection. The best part about this coat is that I bought it off-season, in the middle of July. Don’t forget that you can buy coats year round at Goodwill. Get a head start on the season’s trends and stock up before anyone else over the summer! This jacket was only $3 after discounts.




A staple coat: 

Last but not least, a staple coat is a must have for everyone’s wardrobe. This is your go-to coat that pairs well with just about everything. I usually have a staple coat in black because it’s easy and takes all the thought out of styling. Black staple coats are plentiful at Goodwill, in every shape and form; puffy, wool, leather, trench – you name it, they have it!


Other stylish coats to look for this winter at Goodwill:


Animal print

Faux leather

Bomber jackets

Letterman jackets

Herringbone or houndstooth

Trench coat


Happy Thrifting!

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