Spring Statement Coats

It is BEYOND words how excited I am for Spring and Summer. Even a rainy Spring day I’ll take because this has felt like one of the LONGEST winters I can remember. Is anyone else feeling this was too? Generally, I don’t get too worn down by Winter. I was born in January so I feel like it’s in my blood, I can hack it, I can bundle up, and I love boots!!! But this winter…no thank-ya and see ya later old man Winter! I’m done.

So, with a new and fresh season on the horizon I am looking forward to wearing my most favorite item, a Spring Jacket and I want to get a little funky. You see, a Spring jacket should be a bit whimsical, light hearted, and FUN. I urge you to play around with it, wear a new color, embrace a new texture, get a bit edgy!

With the weather being unpredictable, (unpredictable is the standard around here) – you may be forced to take off your jacket mid-day because it is all of a sudden 80 degrees, and possibly put it back on by 5:00 because its raining and temperature dropped to 50. So here is a fashionable solution…

I often style my spring jackets as the centerpiece to my outfit. I even keep my jacket ON sometimes in the office. If it makes my outfit complete then why not!?!? Looking at how I styled these jackets you can see I kept my outfit very simple. Black skinny pants, a grey t-shirt, and a statement necklace. Easy peasy! Then, I popped on my Spring Statement jacket and my outfit is complete!!

If you are looking for a Spring Statement Jacket, here are some tips:

• Choose a jacket that has a unique cut, meaning…it’s not your typical jacket – maybe it’s a bit longer, or cropped, and fits more tightly. It should reflect something “different”.

• Choose COLOR! This is hard for me to say..I’m your Neutral Nelly here, but it really is my goal this Spring to say YES TO COLOR!! And, the easiest way for me to do this is with jackets and accessories.

• Be mindful of the print and fabrics you choose. When you choose a print, try to stay with bolder, more creative prints, and the fabric should have a good hand and feel to it. The better quality of fabric the more luxurious it will look, so choose wisely.

This transition into Spring weather can be a tricky one.. but if you have a cool-hip jacket, you really don’t need much else. Style it up and GET BOLD!


Megan Dyer
The Style Counsel, LLC