Staying Stylishly Sustainable

Let’s talk wardrobe upkeep. Call me crazy but I love cleaning out my closet. I typically seem to choose the poorest time to do so- this is more of a thing that needs penciled in my calendar rather than being started as I’m getting ready to go somewhere; but I actually do it pretty often!

As I think about springtime and all the new blooms and warmer weather that is to come, I’m excited to pull out some color in my wardrobe and wear sandals. But it’s important to keep up on the maintenance on my winter wardrobe too. Part of being sustainable is upkeep and being able to keep pieces a long time.

Before putting away all your boots and leather jackets, it’s a great time to polish them up and waterproof your snow boots so that they are all set to go when winter rears its ugly head again. Grab a Mr. Clean magic eraser while you’re at it and clean up your sneakers too!



It’s also a great time to de-pill sweaters and check your spring tops for holes or stains. I recommend looking at each piece, touching it, and thinking about how it makes you feel. Maybe it’s time to let go of some things that look worn or don’t spark joy for you.



I also like to hang my hangers in the opposite direction until I’ve worn a piece of clothing. That way, in a few months, you’ll know whether or not you wore that item and it will give you a surefire way to know what should stay for next year and what has served its purpose. I like to turn my hangers at the start of the year and either summer or fall. If you switch your clothes out every season, this is also a great time to do it!



Much of my wardrobe is thrifted. It’s taken years to get there but here I am. To keep my secondhand pieces looking fresh, I like to hang dry my jeans and sweaters especially. It keeps the fabric and colors looking fresh.



What’s something you do to upkeep your wardrobe and be more sustainable? Tell us via social media and tag @GoodwillAkron.

XOXO ~ Taylor