The Sweatshirt Redefined

the optionsThe sweatshirt.  I think of times in my life when I’ve worn a sweatshirt. I have so many memories attached to them….football games, bonfires, concerts, the beach!

When I was a kiddo, i was really into baseball.  I had little gal crush of Chipper Jones and Brian Smeltz from the Atlanta Braves… sooo…I had the grand and embarrassing idea of making a sweatshirt with their names ironed on the back. I made the shirt and wore it proudly. (I was 11 thankfully.)

I expressed fashion labels or brands that gave my peers signals where I shopped…or where my mom willingly dropped her hard earned doe. The amount of begging I did for an I.O.U. sweatshirt was overkill and awful.  But, I got one, and it was itchy. Posing as a cool kid didn’t work either.  I was just a lower middle with an itchy sweatshirt.

I have a really oldie-but-goodie sweatshirt… tattered, bleached stained, and so soft. It’s like I’m wearing a baby blanket with a nice a sense of security. And somehow, I feel like a rock star when I wear it. I hope you have one like this as well.

The sweatshirt actually has a really interesting history! Wearing them became mainstream in the 80’s, with students wanting to promote their collegiate status, and simultaneously, a subculture of surfers and skaters using it for beachwear (wishing I was the surfer).  Also in the 80’s, the New York hip-hop culture made a huge impact on the trend.  The sweatshirt became a fashion statement, and totally mainstream.

style3.1Fast forward a handful of decades (yikes!), and the sweatshirt is again hot. Consequently, that means, they are going to be pricey!

So, with my love for the comfortable sportswear material, I am going to show you how to wear them, make them super chic, and ridiculously on-trend.

You will need box cutter, a pair of shears, and a razor. Don’t get scared my fashion friend, these are tools of the trade. I’m going to digress to this awesome video that shows you how to deconstruct your sweatshirt. The new style of wearing them.

distressing tools         distressing tools 3         Distressing a Sweatshirt


cutting the V for tie up   cutting shoulder out


Here is where I come in.  Try to resist wearing your newly styled sweatshirt with just a pair of jean… no no no… we have to go beyond that!



Style2tie up front


As I say, STYLE UP!  Whenever in doubt – style up. Wear your sweatshirt with costume jewelry, heels, black pants, add contemporary elements, if it feels too fancy… than your doing something right. Try it!




It’s a very inexpensive look that’s completely on-trend. Don’t jump for the designer labels… make your own. Of course, go to blue. Find the sweatshirt that speaks to you and has a level of comfort. Then, style it up!



Megan Dyer
The Style Counsel, LLC

See more of my sweatshirt inspo here… and a brief history of the trend:
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