Thrifty February Challenge

Hey gals, this month I have a thrifty challenge for you in honor of love – the love of thift 😉

Since it’s the shortest month of the year, why not pack in maximum thriftiness?


Challenge #1: Thrift OR Create something heart shaped

*bonus points* if you create something with items you already have OR thrift

I picked up this heart shaped mirror sconce a few months ago at my local Goodwill and I just love how it looks with my decor.


A couple of years ago you may remember this post where I created “heart art” from my great grandmother’s and grandmother’s button collection.


Challenge #2: Mend, Tailor, or Repurpose an item you already have in your closet

I recently re-hemmed these leather pants I purchased secondhand and I am loving all the ways I can style them- including with this NWT Zara vest my grandma scored me at the Goodwill Bins.


Challenge #3: Have a Galentine’s Clothing Swap with your best pals

This is a most excellent way to extend the life of your clothes – and you can even open it up to household items too which makes every one so fun and unique!


Are you up for the challenge? 😉

XOXO ~ Taylor