Toys of Old



Barbie, Star Wars, Lionel and Legos are  names you’re familiar with. However, these names can be worth quite a bit of money when it comes to toys of old or vintage toys. So how old does a vintage toy need to be to be considered vintage? Approximately 30 years old or more. So toys manufactured around 1985 and prior should be given a second thought when considering value. This is especially true for popular brands and styles such as the ones shown below.


Vintage Barbie (and Ken) tends to hold its value, especially if the original case and/or accessories are included.


Star Wars created a sensation in the 70’s and is still drawing new generations of fans with movies that are scheduled to be released in the upcoming years. The fan base for the movies and action figures ranges from all ages. These highly collected pieces from the 70’s and 80’s tend to sell well online, especially if they are in very good condition.

Toy Ford Models from the 60’s draw a great deal of online interest.

Vintage John Deere Tractor toys and Lionel Trains will always have a devout following.

Don’t forget your marbles…..especially odd, old German-made, clay or rare stone marbles. Old marbles can be highly sought after by certain collectors.


Vintage action figures/soldiers can be valuable, depending on where they were made, the year they were made, their material and of course, condition.

Remember just because a toy is old, doesn’t mean it’s valuable. Many times the value is dependent on the condition.