T-Shirt Produce Bag

Hi again, everyone! I hope you all have been enjoying the beautiful NE Ohio weather! When it starts to get nice out, I get excited for outdoor market season. What about you?

Since my last few posts have been a little more time-consuming, I wanted to keep it simple this month with a No-Sew Tshirt produce bag.

Anyone remember this post from a few years ago? No worries if not, for today’s post, I took one of the no-sew Tshirt bags I made in that post and made it into a produce bag. Super simple!

Supplies Needed:

  1. T-Shirt (or previously made T-Shirt Bag)
  2. Scissors

First step is to make your no-sew T-shirt bag following the steps shared here. I was going to turn the T-Shirt shown above into another bag, but unfortunately, it was too large. When picking a T-Shirt for your produce bag, chose something small. Since I already had a small(ish) T-Shirt bag ready, I just used that to make my Produce Bag.

I started by folding it in half.

Then I cut slits through all layers about an inch apart.

I unfolded my bag and folded in one side halfway (as shown above).

Then I cut through all layers again, alternating my cuts to align with the center of my previous cuts. There’s not really a method to cutting these slits, this was just a method I found online here.

Repeat on the other side, and you are all set for the next farmer’s market or trip to your local grocery store!

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Until next time – Happy creating!