#12MonthsOfThrifting Challenge: Simple Gray or White T-Shirt

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Don’t let the ease of February’s 12 Months of Thrifting prompt fool you. A simple gray or white tee is an absolute essential  item. Think of this piece as a blank canvas. They are all-season pieces that you can wear with practically anything. From jeans on the weekend to a structured pencil skirt on Monday morning, a basic tee will never let you down.

It’s very easy to feel bombarded when it comes to finding a simple white or gray tee at Goodwill just because there are so many to choose from, but once you know exactly what to  look for, it’s easy! Believe it or not,  all tees are not created equal. I’ve gone through dozens of simple tees over the years until I was able to finally hone in on the best qualities of an essential one. 

Follow these simple tips when you’re searching for a tee at Goodwill:

  1. Avoid cheap fabrics, fast-fashion brands: these tees aren’t built to last and will most likely shrink after one wear. Look for quality fabrics and trusted names. 100% cotton or a cotton /modal blend are always great options.

  2. Get one with a little extra room: Basic tees are supposed to look effortless and chic, so pick a style that gives you enough room to move around in comfortably but not oversized like a workout t-shirt. Think: comfy chic.
  3.  Pick a neckline that’s right for you: Here’s a great resource to understand all the different styles of necklines. I like to focus on finding ones I feel most comfortable in,  like a crew neck, U-neck or even scoop-necks.
  4.  Avoid sheer tops: you want this to be a basic tee that you can wear multiple ways, including under a blazer for casual Friday. Sheer tops make it difficult for you to really get the most of our your tee.


 yellow cardigan dina younis dinasdays-3w


Tee: Goodwill Akron $2
Cardigan: Goodwill Akron $5
Shoes: Goodwill $2
Jeans: Goodwill $5

All from the Waterloo location

Now let’s get to thrifting!


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