#12MonthsofThrifting Kids Edition: Coat

We are approaching the end of our 12 Months of Thrifting challenge, but not before we shop for one of my favorite children’s items: coats! I’ve always been a big fan of shopping for outerwear for myself, and it’s proven to be no different ever since I had a baby girl. Goodwill is the first place I visit when I’m on the hunt for a coat for myself or my daughter. In fact, one of the first things I thrifted for her when I was pregnant was a ladybug raincoat.

Here are some handy tips to keep in mind when you’re thrifting a coat for your little one:

• It’s time to open the old coat closet and take inventory of what the kids need and grew out of since last year. Donate what they can’t fit into anymore to Goodwill and receive a 20% off coupon. Use it toward your next coat purchase!

• Next, determine the type of coat they will need and make a list. Does your climate require a lighter coat? Wool coat? Down jacket? Perhaps both! If your babies are still little like mine, add a cuddly one-piece suit to your list.

• Seek inspiration online: check your favorite websites for children’s clothing and see what’s trending this season. (hint: unicorns!) Try to find similar coats when you’re at Goodwill.

• Once you’re at Goodwill, head directly to the coat section. I always check the lining to ensure the coat is in good condition. Always test the zippers, and check the pockets. I never settle for a coat that’s not in new or like-new condition, especially for kids. If possible, have your little ones try the jacket on before you leave the store to make sure it fits. Because coats at Goodwill are so affordable, I like to buy and save for later. So if you see something you like now, definitely grab it up and wait until they can grow into it.

• While you’re there, consider buying a coat for a child in need and donating it to a local organization.

As we round out the challenge, next month we’re exploring the toy section at Goodwill.

Happy thrifting!

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