4 Ways to Dress Kids for Spring

It’s that time to stow away your kid’s winter coats & gear-up for spring!

April showers are looming. Daffodils, tulips & lilies are blooming all around. The colors & signs of spring are finally in season.

Springtime is a wonderful time. A time for renewal. After a long (thankfully mild) winter here in northeast Ohio, spring has finally sprung upon us.

We all know that the best seasons are the shortest seasons, so investing big bucks into light jackets & vests doesn’t seem very cost-effective.

The outdoor temperature has started to rise — slowly, yes — but nonetheless, it’s going to start getting warmer out there!

Why not turn to Goodwill for a variety of boys and girls jackets and vests? Here’s a good reason: Each vest or jacket, for boys and girls, is only $3.48. And the day I went shopping, all kids clothing was 20% off! Gotta love those Manager’s Specials.

I immediately came across this great red, lightly-insulated puff jacket for boys. It’s Old Navy brand and it was in excellent used condition.




Below, this bright blue vest with cool race car appliqués jumped out at me as well. Pair it with layered tees or a single shirt and your boy is ready for a cool sunshine day!




I found some really cute jackets and vests for girls as well. As I began searching, it only took a matter of minutes before some cute girly options were popping up in the kids clothing aisle.

Below, check out the Dora the Explorer windbreaker. Again, another great find in excellent used condition. What little girl wouldn’t want a fuchsia colored jacket adorning Dora and Boots? Vamonos! Let’s go!




Lastly, I found this sweet baby pink vest below with floral appliqué and paired it with a coordinating top and a pair of brown corduroys. This entire outfit fits so well together. I found each individual piece just by picking through the aisles and they styled together perfectly!




Trust yourself and get as creative as you want when searching for clothes and coordinates.

Those of you with bigger kids, try getting them involved in their fashion choices. Kids can be extremely clever and uninhibited when making fashion or color decisions, especially if parents encourage their creative side. Not to mention, teaching them how a thrifty decision can go a long way. Depending on their age, you can teach them that by being more conscientious with their spending, they can have more money to spare on phone apps, music, or a night out with friends!

So, whether you’re looking for a traditional lightly-lined jacket or a cute, puffy vest for those warmer days, your local Goodwill is the place to look first.

Springtime is a happy time. Time for things to have a fresh, new start. An opportunity to bloom once again.

Your local Goodwill is always receiving generous donations from people in the community like you. Spring in for something “new” without setting you back.

Keep your shopping adventure fresh. Keep it fun. And keep it thrifty!