A Chameleon Era of Style

We’re in an era of fashion that I call the Chameleon Era. Never before have we had more access to what is current and trending in fashion. It’s an open book. What is showcased on the runways can be instantly viewed by anyone and everyone. Fashion does not discriminate and is meant to be viewed and influence EVERYONE.

I love watching fashion shows on YouTube for inspiration. Here is one of my favorites shows from the Fall 2020 New York Fashion Week shows that were showcased in just a few weeks ago.

3 cheers for Chiara Boni !!

What you choose to wear sets a tone. It’s a reflection of your lifestyle, your interests and your personal growth. So when is it time to reinvent yourself? When do start feeling that shift that a change is needed? I often feel this way during this time of year. 

I am searching for something new and fresh. Not a departure from who I am, but I want to take some risks. Why? Well… I’m kinda bored. So let’s have some fun! 

What is so great about this Chameleon time in fashion is you can try anything! So hear I go… heralding looks from the past and placing them in 2020. One the coolest ways to keep documenting the past is to bring it back in your wardrobe with a modern approach. It can be subtle with simple hints from the era you’re going to emulate.

I grew up in the 90’s and have wonderful memories of the fashion. It was a bit rock and roll, a bit preppy sometimes and often grungy. I can honestly say I will always carry a small piece of those styles with me. Like a choker, my love for velvet and Dr. Martens shoes.

My second looks jumps back to the 70’s in super-simple classic way. A white t-shirt, bell bottoms, and shaded sunnies. I love the ease of this style. It says Saturday afternoon to me, comfortable and relaxed. I added a wool blazer over for a collegiate feel and to keep me warm as we move into spring.

Choose an era that you’re interested in and let your imagination roll! It may sound funny but it’s a great way to spark your creativity during a time of year that may feel a little bland. Have some fashion FUN! 

With so much love,

Megan Dyer

The Style Counsel, LLC