A Gem of a Find at Goodwill for Entry Table Update

Typewriter1I paid a visit this month to the Goodwill’s store in Cuyahoga Falls. It’s smaller than the store on Waterloo, but the shelves were packed full, which meant I got to do what I love to do most, dig!

I’ve learned sometimes even when you dig, you don’t see everything on the first pass through so it’s my rule of thumb to always do a second and sometimes even third look before going to check out.

On my second pass through the housewares section, a turquoise container caught my eye. I gave it a quick once-over and it didn’t look like anything I could use, so I started to walk away.

But my thrifty intuition told me to go open the container. Lo and behold, I found this turquoise gem inside!SilverInsideSmith-Corona

It’s a turquoise, Smith Corona Corsair Typewriter in great condition! And the price… only…a mere…$5! And of course I was there on customer appreciation day so I got an additional 35% off! Yowzers that’s a great deal!


TypewriterMirrorsIn addition to the typewriter, I also found two gold rope mirror sconces that were $3 each.

I guess it’s time for me to update my entry table!

Two thumbs up for Goodwill Cuyahoga Falls! Not only for the treasures I found but for the workers there too!

Both the cashier and the gentleman working at the donation drop-off center were good-IMG_0634spirited and helpful. There’s no doubt I’ll be stopping back soon!

Happy Thrifting,