A Lacey Little Lamp

An old curtain, a little bit of spray paint and A LOT Of hot glue is all I needed to transform this dark gold lamp to something bright and feminine – a Lacey Little Lamp.

I purchased the lamp at Goodwill Northfield for $10.  The lace curtain came from Goodwill Akron and was approximately $2.  And here’s the supplies that I used:

Step 1: Remove the lamp shade from the lamp base.

Step 2: Cover the cord and any other important electrical pieces with painters tape (and a plastic bag).

Step 3: Do three or four coats of primer until the lamp base is well covered. Let dry 5-10 minutes between coats (or if your impatient like me wait 30 seconds).

Step 4: Do three or four coats of white gloss spray paint. Let dry between coats – you choose how long J

Step 5: Sand out all the bumps, and grit and drips that you probably wouldn’t have gotten if you let your paint dry 5-10 minutes between coats. I used a fine grit and it worked perfectly.

Next, the lamp shade. After ripping off the red fabric, I expected to be left with one big wire frame. What I didn’t expect is that the wire frame was actually 5 different pieces of wire all being held together by the red fabric. Yikes.

A LOT of hot glue later and my lamp shade frame was back together.

Since I’m not a seamstress, I decided to go with a more shabby chic look on the lampshade and do strips of lace that I cut from the old curtain.

Step 1: Using scissors, cut the lace into long strips about 1” wide and however long you can make ‘em. The longer the better.

Step 2:  Glue one end of the lace strip to the top of the frame and then wrap it around the top and bottom until it ends. Hot glue it in place on the frame. Trim off excess.

Step 3: Repeat step 2 until the entire frame is covered.

Step 4: Reunite the lamp base and the lamp shade then find the perfect place for it to shine.

Dresser Area?

Or family room?

Happy Thrifting,