Accessories Add Style

What is an accessory: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, rings, scarves, handbags, coats, gloves, and belts.

I love accessorizing!! Some days I prefer a totally clean slate and may choose to wear nothing but a watch and stud earrings. However, on days I want to punch up my style, I add a unique accessory.

It’s a very simple style secret. It takes little effort. It’s inexpensive on most fronts. And, it takes up little real estate in your wardrobe.


I’m very specific on what I choose and how it will compliment my staple clothing items.

I tend to go bold, but simple with my accessories. Here’s why.

If you have a Staple Wardrobe like I do (built with basic pieces, in classic colors), a very simple and easy way to add Style is with accessories. When I accessorize an outfit, I’m generally looking for one bold statement piece that will punch up my outfit! And it’s typically just ONE piece I focus on.

This approach has worked really well for me over the years, and it gives me the freedom to embrace trends, textures, and colors that are popular, without committing to flipping my entire wardrobe.


So…. here is my philosophy on selecting bold accessories:

1. Maintain a basic wardrobe with classic clothing pieces (i.e. simple t-shirts, crisp tops, well-fitting solid-color pants, classic-simple shoes, tailored jackets, well-knit sweaters, natural fabrics).

2. Choose 1 accessory that compliments your style for the day. However, it must contrast the colors or fabrics of your outfit – it needs to stand out!

3. Choose quality or quantity. This is where blue (a Goodwill boutique in Akron) comes in. I love that I can find accessories at blue that are quality, well-made items. It’s fun for me to find an accessory that is unique, vintage, or worn. I like worn-in looks It adds a touch of life to them – especially with leather goods.

4. Prints – say the coat or scarf you’re looking at has a print to it… chooses a print that is bold and artistic. It will speak louder and more clearly than a fine, smaller print. The larger and more colorful the better! (Think plaid, polka dot, jacquard, watercolor, and geometric).


Here are some keywords I focus on when looking for the perfect accessories:

  • bold textures
  • bold prints (artistic or classic)
  • historic prints (plaid, jacquard)
  • statements
  • quality
  • high contrast
  • metals
  • patent leather
  • shine
  • matte
  • vintage
  • beaded
  • artisan
  • leather
  • real leather
  • worn leather
  • bold finishes

{{ the Fall season is the perfect time to start playing with accessories. I practically LIVE in a scarf all winter! I would rather have one or two scarves that give me comfort but also have a unique style to them, than 4 that fall flat or fall apart.

On a Trending note: bold accessories are back! For that last several seasons we’ve become accustomed to small and dainty pieces, which is still great, and I love the ease of wearing items like this. However, chandelier earrings – BACK – statement necklaces – BACK – oversize handbags – BACK – oversize jackets and coats – BACK!! So —— GO BOLD. }}




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