All Black. The Minimalist Reset.

Here I am, a lady of fashion and I’m going to tell you I am beginning the New Year with a fashion goal to wear ALL BLACK. It’s been a style classic for many people in creative industries. Wearing all black exudes a certain authority. Wearing all black consistently says I’m just too cool for color. I’m dark, mysterious, and color can’t begin to express me emotionally. It may be a stretch…but lets be honest…. individuals that wear all black have a few stereotypes attached to them, wether they are true or not, it sends a signal.

I love wearing black. It is my favorite color non colors. It’s strong. It’s a beautiful canvas to many accessories and beauty trends. Wearing all black looks polished and bold. I want to look polished and bold. But that is not the reason I am wearing all black for the start of 2019. I’m wearing all black purely out of necessity.

For me, 2018 was a huge year of growth, self awareness and setting boundaries. What came of it was an awareness of what I need to do to live my best life and be my best self. I had many missteps along the way, but I learned a great deal from them. 2019 will be the DO year. Now that I know… now that I am aware, I’m beginning to find a level of confidence in my work, family and love. I am ready to DO the honest work that needs to be done and take care of myself too. My potential if beautiful, just like yours. Now it’s time to do the work and feel all our amazing benefits and talents. But to achieve this, it’s also time to simplify, reduce the clutter and the noise that robs my mind and creativity. I want to show up, everyday, light and living in the present moment. So, this lady of fashion is choosing a uniform for a very beautiful new beginning. I’m wearing all black.

I enjoy style and fashion so much, and it brings me so much joy sharing this energy with all of you. But even the most well dressed gals need to pull back now and again to reset. Giving attention to other areas, like my mind, my body and soul. I’m taking a small step back from my daily creative session of styling my outfit, sticking to one color palette, and giving that energy to other areas of my life I know need attention and care. I know this may sound a bit nutty – but my style is the one area I have amazing control over (we all do!) and this practice will help me save time, allowing me to expand in other areas I’m desiring to grow.

Now, don’t expect my Morticia stage to last forever. Quite the opposite… By Spring this rose will be blooming and I will embrace COLOR. Maybe, even some patterns, too : ).
But first, the all black reset.

P.S. This practice will be very economical for me too! Goodwill is an amazing place to test your new goals. I will surely be getting my all black wardrobe additions from blue or Goodwill. Keep and eye out for my All Black journey and follow me on Instagram at @the_stylecounsel

How can you reset your fashion choices and what do you need to declutter and prioritize? Think about it and put it into action. The weight you will have lifted could be life changing.