All That Glitters

All that glitters may not be gold. However, it most likely will be sold. normally has an interesting array of precious and semi-precious rings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches. Here are some of the standout pieces of jewelry that were donated to our retail stores and then sold online.

Channel Set Diamond Ring with White Gold


Marquis Diamond (approx. 1/2 carat) and White Gold Ring


925 Stamped Silver Pieces


Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry with some Weiss pieces. This is a stunning collection of rhinestone jewelry that did extremely well online.

Men’s Topaz Ring

Channel Set Diamond Ring on a Yellow Gold Band

14k Gold Pendants and  Necklaces




Gold and silver items are very popular because of the value of precious metals at this time. If you are a jeweler, collector or are just looking for a great price on jewelry, you’ll want to always check the glittery finds on


Don’t forget to search for the Akron agency to see what’s local.