Book Collector’s Dream

Book lovers can spend hours, if not days, in a local library or vintage book store searching for that perfect book.

With electronic resources, access to books has never been faster or easier. Electronic reading devices make it extremely convenient to download a book of any genre. However, no eReader can match the feel, smell or weight of a bound book.

To hold a book in your hand, turn the page, admire how it’s bound, the gilded pages or how it has aged is an experience that many book lovers cherish.

Below are some vintage and antique books that have been listed on the website and a small sampling of what’s available online.


Antique 1873 Works of Plato B Jowett 4 Volume Set (22255546)


Late 1800s Smith’s Pronouncing Parallel Bible (22163532)



1881: French `Exposition Des Beuax-Arts` Book (22185116)



History of Spanish & Portuguese Literature 1823 Set (22255453)



Mutterliebe 1900 Book (22285904)



Signed First Edition of Eragon (22266378)



Antique Mitchell’s Atlas of the World Book (22176249)



Book ‘Chanel and Her World’ by Edmonde Charles- (22190711)



Antique First Edition The Yellow Fairy Book 1894 (22296475)



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