Coffee Table Makeover

This month I’m taking on a $15 coffee table from Goodwill Northfield. I happened to be there on Customer Appreciation Day so I got an additional 35% off! (FYI – the next appreciation day is August 8th so mark your calendar!)






Picking a paint color was easy. White, white and more white. My quest of turning everything in my house white is slowly becoming a reality. But because I love a “pop of color” I planned a lil’ something special for the legs…

Here we go:

Step 1: Scrub the entire table down with soap and warm water. Also use a degreaser like 409 if there’s any tough spots.

Step 2: Remove the legs and prime all pieces using Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 Spray Primer. Let dry for 1 hour (or whatever the can says). Do 2 -3 coats.










Step 3: Spray all pieces with your color, or lack thereof.  In my case, gloss white by Rustoleum. Let dry according to can.

The legs came out great…










But I struggled with the table top. It was very gritty and streaky.










I sanded it down really well with a medium grit sanding block and was able to get rid of the grits, but despite doing 2 more full coats of spray paint, I couldn’t get rid of the streakiness. I gave up and hoped that another REALLY good sanding job would even it all out. It helped a little bit, but not completely.

Step 4: Here comes that POP of color! Tape off all four legs except for the very bottom:










Step 5: Then spray 2-3 coats of this beautiful Rustoleum’s Gloss Sun Yellow. Let dry completely.









Step 6: Re-attach legs to tabletop.

Step 7: Brush on 1-2 coats of Minwax water-based matte polycrilic and let dry overnight. This should give it a good layer of protection against little boys who will undoubtedly be rolling cars and trains all over it.

Step 8: Decorate! Find a large centerpiece, like this old Cola crate, to cover up your streaky paint job. Fill it with books, coasters, and  remotes. And then… watch from afar as your kids dump it out and fill it with their cars, trucks, and trains.

























Happy thrifting!