Comparing Pricing on Fashion Finds

Greetings Everyone!

As we are nearing the end of July… (Can you believe it?), I am already starting to think about fall and back-to-school fashion.  I’m sure that makes some of you crazy hearing the word fall, but after working years in retail, the back-to-school mind set usually starts for me in August.  I have always been a sucker for fall fashion, and right now is a great time to snag some awesome fall pieces under the radar at your local Goodwill. On my recent trip to Goodwill I found a lot of current items at great prices, so naturally the theme of this post is price comparing.


As you know fashion is always one step ahead, so if you have seen any recent magazines, army print is huge this coming season.  I know what you’re thinking, army print? Yes!  I personally have always been a tomboy at heart so when I found this army print jacket I made a mad dash.  When I got home I compared my jacket to a similar one I have been eyeing and, of course, Goodwill knocked out the big box retailer’s priceby far!


workwear2Next up was a classic find.  This dress is perfect for me to wear to work meetings, it’s comfortable, and has a great fit.  So of course I checked out current dresses for sale and found one very similar for $80!


Some people are curious how I find these treasures. Well most of the time I stumble upon these great finds, but it is also helpful if you clip inspirational high-end looks out of fashion magazines and try to curate your own version at Goodwill. Pictures are always helpful while hunting.


Lastly, I found a pair of Born boots!  If you aren’t familiar with the brand, they are mostly found in department stores or specialty shoe shops.  Luckily they were my size, so I grabbed them up, checked prices online and these easily go for $200.

All in all if you compare to the current retailer prices I saved $420.00!  Thank you Goodwill, for supporting my fashion addiction, in an affordable way!

Until next month, Goodwill friends!

Lauren Ward