DIY Colorful Birdhouse








To be honest, I thought this was a bird feeder. I picked it up at Goodwill on Waterloo for $4.









I was all ready to go buy some bird food when I happened to see a birdhouse on Pinterest and realized this was a birdhouse too. Not much nature knowledge goin’ on over here! In fact, my five-year old and I are still stumped as to how birds will actually fit in those tiny holes! I guess we’ll find out!

To start, I removed the fish and buoys by prying them off with a butter knife. No wounds involved! I then sanded down the dried glue that was left behind and sanded all the painted portions like the green trim and the cat tail paintings on the roof.











I removed the four individual houses then primed and spray painted the roof and walls using Rustoleum 2x White Gloss.

For the fronts of each individual house I cut scrapbook paper to size. In order to cut the birdhouse hole in the paper, I rubbed pencil around the edge of the hole (2), placed my paper on top (3), rubbed on top of the paper where the hole was located (4), and flipped it over to see where I needed to cut the hole (5).





I applied the scrapbook paper to the front of each birdhouse using mod podge, then added 3 coats of mod podge on top of the paper to protect it when it’s outdoors.


























Attention birds! We have four rooms available. Vacancy! Vacancy! We offer free Wi-Fi, a continental breakfast each morning (and by that I mean cereal), and covered parking. Come birds, show us how you’ll fit in these tiny holes!

Happy Thrifting!