DIY: Creating an Upscale Look on a Thrifted Table


Hi all! Okay, this blog post is on a custom order that I did for a client. Even though I did not find this actual table myself, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen this style table for sale at Goodwill. If you are in search of a table to redo and come across one, grab it, it won’t be there long.

The client had seen a table at an upscale furniture store that she loved, but could not afford. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to create the exact look she was after. I’m up for a challenge, so I told her I would give it a shot. Four or five attempts later–I finally figure it out!
Below are the pictures of store photos of the table. She wanted it to be more white distressed with grays and blacks slightly showing through.




Store Photo



Table Top


I decided to start with the easiest part, the base.

I first painted the base an all over gray with sections of black here and there. Once that dried, I painted it white all over and then distressed it enough to let the gray and black show through.






Now, onto the big challenge, the top.

First steps, as always, sanding then applying primer.




Then a gray base coat was applied.




After trying about 4 different variations of layering and colors here is the one that actually worked:

First I dabbed on a lighter gray paint (first pic), then added some dab’s of the gray base coat on top of that (second pic). I noticed in the picture of the table top that it had a slight blueish color to it as well so I mixed a little bit of light blue paint in with the light gray. Then dabbed just a little bit of that on (third pic).



Pic 1



Pic 2



Pic 3


Once that dried, I rubbed on an Ebony glaze to blend it all together and tone down the color.




I then I used a small paint roller and applied 6 layers of clear semi-gloss top coat.




And here are the results……..


She was happy, which made me happy and even though it was more work than usual it was totally worth it!



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