DIY: Dark & Dreary to Bright Buffet Stand



While out thrift shopping I kept seeing this dry sink. I’ve never had much luck with dry sinks because I feel they still look outdated even after I’ve repainted/repurposed them. Well this dry sink had been at the store so long that it was marked an additional 50% off the already low price. So being that I’m addicted to cheap furniture I of course had to get it. I was determined to break my streak of unsuccessful attempts at repurposing a dry sink.

As I was staring at it trying to figure out what to do with it, a lightbulb went off. Take the top off and make it into more of a buffet stand. So that’s where I began.

Surprisingly the top only had 6 small screws that attached the top half of the cabinet to the bottom. To get to the screws I had to take the top drawer out and go through there.






It took a while for me to figure out what to do with the top. I wanted stained wood but I really didn’t want to have to cut it. So while looking around my workshop I noticed a dining room table that I had purchased that came with 3 leaves. Since the table was so large anyways I thought I could save one leaf and use the other two for my top. Perfect!




Now it’s time to paint and lighten this dark wood up. I went with cream and tan paint and then a dark walnut glaze. This is by far my most requested color combo when I do special orders for customers as well as the fastest selling colors at the store. Sometimes I think — why not an occasional teal!

For the base of the stand I sanded, painted, glazed and then top coated. Since the wood top was actually table leaves, I first had to fill all the connector holes. After that dried I sanded, stained and put a poly top coat on it. I then attached it to the base.

And here is the finished product!






So I’m happy to say that the next dry sink I run into at a store I will not be so hesitant on buying. I’m very happy that this one was still there.

I’m already starting to get ideas for my next project to share with you.

Thanks for following along with me!



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