DIY: Front Porch Rocker


Everyone that knows me realizes almost every Sunday morning at 11:00 am I can be found at Goodwill. This is my favorite day to go.  So, that being said, a couple of Sunday’s ago I came across this glider rocking chair with matching glider ottoman.  Lucky for me it was ticketed with the 50% off color of the day! So that was not going to be left behind!



As you can see the cushion was missing from the chair. No biggie!  The ottoman still had the cushion, but considering we aren’t still living in the 80’s I knew that would need changed.

My first step was taking off the cushion and sanding everything down to get it ready to paint. I was redoing my front porch over and thought it would be perfect there. I wanted it to look rustic so I went with black for the paint color.

Next thought was how to do a cushion. Originally, I was going to go get padding and material.  Since it was going to be outside I thought I would spray it with scotch-guard for extra protection against the elements. And then when I was out shopping one day I came across a patio furniture cushion sale. I took it as a sign! Instead of buying everything to make an outdoor cushion why no just buy one! I went with a lounge chair size cushion because I thought I would then have enough to do the ottoman, too.

Once I purchased the cushion,  I went home and put it on the chair and ottoman to figure out where to cut it to fit. I then stapled the material to the bottom of the chair and ottoman. It was super easy and I love the way it turned out! All for the grand total of $23.00.



Now I just need to find time to actually sit on it.



Thanks for following along!!








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