DIY: Revived Coffee Table



While out shopping with my mother I came across this broken coffee table that someone had a free sign on. Free! I was excited. My first thought was, I could just take off the broken top and add a wood top instead.

As you can see in this before picture, other than the missing glass on the top, the table was really in great shape.








My first step was to take of the top. While doing this I knocked a small corner off so I put on some Gorilla Glue and used a clamp to hold it in place until it dried.




While waiting for that to dry I thought I would flip it on its side and add some caster wheels to the bottom. I love using casters on heavier pieces because it makes them so much easier to move around.




Now, off to Lowe’s to pick up some wood for the top. Since I’m not the best at cutting a straight line, I usually have Lowe’s cut them for me. Unfortunately while I was there, the saw was broke. Oh no, that was a first! Looks like I’m going to be doing that myself this time.

Once home I measured the wood and then cut it to the length that I thought would look the best. And I realized that if I really have to do it, I can cut a pretty straight line.




I flipped over the table and measured out the sides to make sure they were even all around the table. Then I attached the wood with the original hardware. Since the new top went the whole length of the table now, I added some additional beams for extra support in the middle section of the table.







Next, the fun part, painting. I first painted the bottom section with a light taupe/cream paint. When the paint dried I then distressed it and sanded the top with a fine sandpaper to make it smooth. Now time for the stain–I stained the top wood first with Minwax Dark Walnut and then rubbed the bottom section with the same color. Once everything was dry, I used a satin clear coat on the bottom. Since this was a coffee table I thought the top should be extra durable so I put 3 coats of semi-gloss clear coat on the top. I sand in between each time that I applied the top coat for an extra smooth finish.


And here is the finished product!






Thank you again for following along!

Happy fall!




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