DIY: Teacup Garden

Happy February, friends! I’m back with another easy DIY for you all this month.

I’m not sure about you all, but this grey, cold weather is starting to get to me. When the weather starts to get me down, I turn to plants. Adding a bit of greenery to my scenery, always makes me feel better. However, this year, I’m taking it to another level. Every year we plant a vegetable garden with starter plants, and every year I miss my chance to start our plants from seeds. But THIS year, I finally got ahead of starting seeds with a little help from Goodwill.

In today’s post, I’m sharing how to start your own indoor garden using some easily available materials from Goodwill (and your local grocery/garden/hardware store)!

Supplies Needed:
1. Teacups (saucers optional)
2. Seeds (of your choice)
3. Soil
4. Small pebbles (for drainage)
5. Dry Erase Marker – or other material to mark what you’ve planted – popsicle sticks, toothpicks with pennants stuck on, you get the idea

Start by filling all your teacups (or whatever you picked up from your local Goodwill to hold your plants) with about an inch of pebbles. The pebbles will help with drainage as you water your seeds to grow. If you want to get real fancy/have a diamond drill bit at the ready, you can always drill a small hole in the bottom of your teacup for drainage (but then you won’t be able to re-use your teacups after you transfer your plants to your garden for a tea party).

Once you have your pebbles in your cups, fill them the rest of the way up with potting soil.

Referencing the planting instructions on your seed packet, place your seeds, on top of the soil, and cover lightly with some additional soil.

Finally, water your seeds, and wait for those babies to grow!

Now, I will admit, the last time I tried to grow plants from seeds, my dog decided they were a treat and pulled them all down from the counter the minute I walked away from planting them (I used a starter kit from Home Depot last time, so hoping the teacups are the difference this year). So, this time is a bit of gamble, but I have high hopes for these little guys.

Surrounded by their grown-up brethren, I think these little seeds have some good role models to look up to!

If you aren’t into the starting plants from seeds route, check out a past post I did with Goodwill featuring succulents and teacups.

And we have a little something special in store for you all! In celebration of Earth Day, I’ll be hosting an indoor gardening workshop at the State Road store from 1-3PM EST on April 20 (giving you all some notice for this one!). We’ll have all the supplies available, just come and pick out a teacup and some seeds and plant away! Additional details below.

Until next time – Happy (indoor) Gardening!


Earth Day Indoor Garden Workshop
Date: Saturday, April 20th, 2019
Time: 1-3PM EST
Location: State Road Goodwill