DIY: Wine Cabinet

My love of repurposing furniture into wine cabinets is no secret. I love the way they look and the fact that a wine cabinet can be used in various rooms in a house. That being said, today’s project is…turning a dresser into a wine cabinet!

My husband had bought me this super cool popcorn machine for my birthday and I had been trying to find a way to work it into my kitchen decor ever since. While trying to figure out what to use, I came across this dresser. The paint colors already matched the room so that made it even easier. The challenge was making it look like a cabinet and not a bedroom dresser.




  1. I removed the top two drawers for the wine rack area.




  1. I then removed the bottom section of the drawer to use as the bottom section of the wine shelf.





  1. Remove the drawer sliders. They are usually located in the middle or on the sides of the furniture. Or sometimes in both areas.




  1. I then applied antiquing glaze (let dry at least 2 hours) and top coat to the inside walls of the dresser. I Mod Podged material to the bottom to dress it up a little bit.





  1. Next, I inserted the wine rack. You can find these wine racks in the wares section at Goodwill. I love them–so easy to work with. If you see one buy it, they go fast. I promise you will find somewhere to use it!




Of course after it was done, even though my husband thought I was crazy, I decided that it still looked too much like a dresser with the two drawers.




So, I decided to take out the next drawer down. I repeated the steps for removing the top two drawers. And now I feel it does not look like a dresser in my kitchen!




I’m off to Goodwill to find my next amazing find!


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