Fall = Must Have D E T A I L S

Now that we are transitioning out of the hot days of Summer into chilly days of Autumn, it is more about details than actual pieces when it comes to your wardrobe. It’s all about the little things in Fall Fashion 2019. Below are ten details to add to your outfits, or if you see it while you’re thrifting…GRAB it! Invited to some Halloween parties? Include some or all of these details and you will fit right in & be in style!

My top 10 must-have details for Fall:


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A grommet is a ring inserted into a hole through thin material, typically a sheet of textile fabric. It is usually used to protect or insulate a rope passed through it or to prevent the sheet or panel from being torn. Grommets in fashion may not always be for function, but when added to a hem or even on shoes, this can look so chic and have a hardware-feel.


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Studs are one of my all-time favorite details that can appear on clothing or accessories. They usually have a bit of a sharp point and they make SUCH a statement of strength. Whether found on the shoulder or on a clutch, studs will always make an item appear more in-demand.


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Sequins will FOREVER be in…and out…of style. I notice that they will be super in during different times of the year. As we approach Holiday season, sequins will make their come-back. Start the trend early as we head into October and you’ll look fresh. Just make sure to pair sequins with some soft fabrics like a sweater or fleece to make a perfect match that’s not over board.


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Admittedly, because I am a bride-to-be I say the word “applique” probably about once a day. I am constantly on the search for applique I can add to my wedding dress to spruce it up a bit. I was pleasantly surprised to see this easy trend making a fresh debut: applique on a knit hat. This is also a simple DIY project for a rainy day too to add a touch of detail to a drab hat. I PROMISE you will get so many compliments when you add a little beaded or lace applique to a hat! If you find this in a store– do not wait, do not pass go, do not collect $200…instead buy it immediately!


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Feathers can be such a fun addition to your outfit– BUT– BE CAREFUL of appearing like a bird. How do you do this? Just add a touch of feather like in an earring or attached to your zipper. With the New Year right around the corner and the roaring 2020’s, we are going to see feathers EVERYWHERE. Ease in front of the trend and start to add small touched of feathers!

Safety Pins

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Okay go with me on this one. Safety pins. They have a bit of 90s feel don’t they? Like the rebel girl in your homeroom would wear these on her parachute pants. Well, I think there is a delicious way to really wear these office tools and it is sparing and can be quite delicate. Try replacing buttons with pins and maybe even crafting a simple bracelet out of safety pins. Just a sweet way to showcase some fun embellishments for Fall for your DIY heart.


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Although plaid is a design, it is still one I wanted to showcase in this article of embellishments. Plaid skirts, vests, blouses are a big trend this Fall. To avoid looking too school-girl with plaid on the bottom, keep it sleek and structured. I can’t wait to see plaid pop-up in different areas: purses, bags, boots etc.


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As you know from my previous blog, fur is huge this Fall in fashion. Fur is a #1 embellishment for Fall as we see it in collars, on key chains and even all over in a full faux or real fur. You can even just buy a fur collar and wear it under any jacket or sweater. This year’s fur can be worn in small doses or in big batches!


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This Fall, we’re not only seeing pearls in jewelry, but all over clothing and accessories. This may be a good time to bring out Grandma’s heirloom earrings because you will look trndy and on-point! I adore sweater and tops with pearls strung in! Pearls can be such a delicate addition to your clothing! I always caution brides when it comes to pearls because they are seen as bad luck in weddings in some countries, but for every day wear…you can’t go wrong!

Two-Toned Shoes

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One of my personal faves and a trend I am on the lookout for personally is two-toned shoes! Whether two different colors, hues or fabrics…this is a growing fad this year! I love two hues of brown together or two different textures of black in footwear! Also, make sure it’s comfy and ready for all that Fall hiking you’re going to be doing!

Well, that’s it for the top ten detailed-trends this Fall! Which were your favorite? Do you have any in your closet already?? Super excited to be on the lookout for embellishments in fashion this year! Good luck to you and as always, “if nothing else…look fabulous!”